Six New Lender Short Sale Packages Added to Document Library!
We have added six new short sale packages to our doc library, bringing us up to over 70 lender specific short sale packages! Sign in to your account today to download and view all of our short sale packages, documents, tools, and templates!
  • Nationpoint Mortgage
  • Wells Fargo Short Sale Package
  • NationStar Financial Short Sale Package
  • PNC Short Sale Package
  • Titanium Short Sale Package
  • Sun Trust Short Sale Package

How do you get all these packages? Sign up for Short Sale Artisan (with a free 7-day trial!) and visit our document repository!

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  • Christine
  • Christine Bish

    Great article. Its amazing how many people do not even know about their short sale options.

  • Daniel Milstein

    Thank you for adding the 70 lender specific short sale packages, I am sure it will help a lot of guys out there looking for a relevant information like this. even I like to share such amazing packs, As i firmly believe that in my becoming a bestselling author, These small packs help a lot in creating awareness about you and your product.

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  • Boris Chu

    This is pretty good info on the different short sale packages.

  • Siva Kumar

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  • DynamicallyRE

    This is great information. If you’re looking for a servicer not listed here check their website, it should be under help for homeowners section or if you’re behind on payments link, or a simple phone call will generate the package being mailed, some will email you from a no reply address and even fax! Thanks!